My Lockdown Developer journey

A little background about me and my passion for software development

Traveling across Europe and the US: living, working and studying

The Next Steps: Coding bootcamp, Meetups, and Winning a Hackathon

The School of Life

My first experience with Web Development and Design

The American Dream come true

Building up a portfolio

My freeCodeCamp Experience

7 pull requests in GitHub to help Open Source freeCodeCamp Earth curriculum for the 2018 DigitalOcean Hacktoberfest challenge

My Experience with AlbanyCanCode and CareersInCode/HackUpstate

AlbanyCanCode Graduation
Hack Upstate XIII Hackathon — The Parking Assistant App Winner

Next up: Practicum by Yandex

Working remotely enjoying the beautiful days from my terrace in the backyard

And Then the Coronavirus Pandemic Hit

What I Did During Lockdown

Online GDG Meetups
Online GDG Meetups

I organized lots of GDG Capital Region online events via Google Meet and YouTube

  • free Udemy and Pluralsight subscriptions
  • free O’Reilly books and subscriptions
  • ROI Training vouchers
  • free Qwiklabs and other free Google Cloud resources for certifications
  • Practicum scholarships for everyone, and some dedicated to veterans, the Black tech community
  • DevelopHer program for Women in tech, and
  • free online access to the whole Coursera library through a college.
Lockdown Activities

I leveraged my online social networks, like LinkedIn and Twitter

I volunteered in the developer community

I participated in Google’s <Elevate> Community Training program

I joined Google Cloud’s Learning Workshop

When is it the right time to apply for jobs and remote jobs in general?

How to prepare for interviews

Interviews with large companies

My Journey to Accenture

The Accenture interview process

Life at Accenture after I got the job

How and why I got the job

The Benefits of Working Remotely

So What’s Next?



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Linda Kovacs

Linda Kovacs


Software Engineer @Accenture|Women Techmakers Ambassador|Google Developer Group Lead|Developer & Designer|Journalist Radio,TV, Magazine|Eng, Italian, Romanian